simple-equationSome of my friends have suggested putting on a digital art show. As appealing as that sounds (and flattering!) I still think the best way to view digital art is in a submersive environment. Now all I need is a host. Hm that sounds a bit … sci-fi.

holy water

Water is a crystal of communication. It binds us all together as essentially bags of water on a planet that is mostly water. A drop in the ocean shares its atoms with the whole of the ocean. Our bags of water, our bodies, move about the surface of the planet.

And that is just a drop in the ocean of the larger picture that is more than shore, more than ocean. More than this planet.

Drink the water. Thank the water. Let the water clear us and ready us for what’s ahead.

Casting out

Before you cast a circle you need to clear it of built-up energies and make sure there is nothing within you don’t want unintentionally amplified or compounded by activities in your circle.

Happy Solstice!