Digital visual art and music by M. Elwell Romancito

Artist’s Statement

In the very early 1980s I had a dream that so influenced me it drove my actions for decades, and perhaps is still driving them.

peace doveIn my dream I was being oriented to a place I was going to caretake. The span of time I was going to caretake was unclear but I was being shown around by a couple of people and one of the places I was being shown was a garage-type building with a roll-up door.

Inside were all sorts of computers, monitors and also musical keyboards. I was being shown it was possible to plug in an equation into one part of the apparatus, and music would come out, and vice-versa.

I was so delighted that I was going to have access to these tools for an unlimited amount of time, when I woke up and I was still a short-order cook and still in my Portland, Oregon, apartment, I was a little pissed off.

But the dream stayed with me. I started to put myself in line with tools that could help me generate this visual music, this audible art.

After being a bit side-tracked as to what I was supposed to do with these tools (was it advertising and marketing, coding HTML, designing interfaces?) I am finally in a position where I can make the art and music I dreamed of.

Finally, the technology is up to the dream. Now, let’s see if I am.